Joyland Girls’ Secondary School belongs to the Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti (ALCP/OSS) under Africa Province and is situated in Same District, 107 kilometres from Moshi town, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. The school is located at the Catholic Diocese of Same. Joyland Girls’ was officially opened on 19th January 2008 under the international leadership of ALCP/OSS. In 2016, it was officially handed over to Africa Province.

Joyland Girls’ Secondary School is a by-product of Bendel Memorial Secondary School located in Moshi which is also owned by ALCP/OSS. Bendel Memorial began as a co-education school in 2003 with a few students but as years passed on, the success of the school made many students to flock in for the purpose of acquiring quality education and good morals.
Due to the limited resources especially land and other necessary infrastructure, then there arose an idea of starting another school for girls and Bendel Memorial was left for boys only.
In 2008, Bendel Memorial Secondary School was divided into two whereby boys remained, and girls were transferred to a new school called Joyland Girls Secondary school located in Same District, Kiwanja village, kilimanjaro region.

The name “joyland” was proposed as a registered name of the school as a way of encouraging people not to lose hope. The reason was that by that time Kiwanja area was extremely dry dotted with old buildings. The ALCP/OSS community committed itself to make sure that the lost hope was restored to the residents. It is only out of this struggle and commitment that now Joyland Girls’ Secondary has turned out to be a very conducive place for not only studying and living but also working. This name “Joyland” now enjoys its full meaning. At this moment, the school has a total number of 541 students from form one up to form four.
The ALCP/OSS decided to establish Joyland Girls’ Secondary School in order to promote women(girls) through quality education and moral uprightness. This is to say Joyland Girls’ Secondary School aims at helping the community to eradicate illiteracy which will in turn eradicate poverty and diseases. It also works hand in hand with the government and non-governmental organizations to achieve both local and international objectives of education.

Joyland Girls’ Secondary School is a single sex school and not co-educational because the ALCP/OSS community dearly believes that educating a woman is liberating and transforming the whole society. It is true that in patrilineal society/environment women have for a long time been denied the right to education. Thus to counteract that mentality the ALCP/OSS stands still to use Joyland Girls’ Secondary School to liberate women through education but more so set a live and vivid example that the ALCP/OSS community respects and values the educational right and need to women.