Ngarenairobi Health Centre

A brief historical note:
Ngarenairobi is one of the Health Centres owned and run by the Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti (ALCP/OSS), which is a catholic missionary congregation.
It is in Ngarenairobi village in west Kilimanajro, Siha District, Kilimanjaro region, around seventy (80) kilometers from Moshi town.
The Health Centre started 2005 with the aim of bringing closer to people this important social facility.
It started with the aim of helping pregnant women with the basic services required to safeguard the safety of both the mother and child before and after birth.
With the aid of different benefactors from Germany and USA, it slowly advanced to be as it looks now. It one of the few Health Centres which uses modern technology to administer its services to patients.

To provide patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access.

To be the first choice in health care for our communities. To be a leader in providing quality, compassionate patient-centered care that seeks physical cures and comforts as well as peace of mind and heart.

  • Dignity & Reverence
  • Safeguarded by recognizing every life as a gift from God, so each individual is inherently valued.
  • Teamwork
  • We foster an atmosphere of trust, collegiality, collaboration, openness and cooperation.
    Recognizes the contribution of all but requires sacrifice for the benefit of the patient to enhance the health of the communities served and works in cooperation with other organizations to protect vulnerable populations throughout the region.
  • Cooperation
  • Between patient and staff, as well as the various clinical professions and specialties.
  • Integrity
  • Honesty, fairness and self - scrutiny in everything we do, as the ideal means to protect overall safety, as well as assure confidentiality and privacy.
  • Quality
  • We strive to exceed the expectations of all our customers by committing to deliver quality and value in every aspect of our work.
    We will enhance quality for all our patients by educating them about their health and empowering them to be partners in their care.
  • Compassion
  • We provide care with dignity, concern, kindness and a respect for the diversity of our community.