ALCP/OSS-Africa Province

The beginning of the ALCP/OSS in Africa Province was in 1970’s when the first seminarians met the founder, late Very Rev. Fr. Bernhard Bendel. The centre for the meetings was at RAUYA, the centre for the Holy Spirit Sisters (ALCS/OSS). The home for this new Society in the Opus Spiritus Sancti was not yet, thus all the meetings, short formation programmes for those who joined this new Society were carried out at Rauya in the Catholic Diocese of Moshi.
Apart from meeting the founder, the candidates met also with late Bishop Joseph Kilasara who by then as the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi welcomed/invited the founder in the Diocese. Late Bishop Joseph Kilasara remained to be the formator of the candidates for the ALCP/OSS till his death at Rauya in 1978. The first seminarians were Ezekiel C. Kanje, Thadei Mworia and Henry T. Mushi. Later, they were joined by others including Raphael Kigunga.
The HOME of this young Society in the Opus Spiritus Sancti emerged into light on the 27th February 1980 when a group of eighteen (18) candidates and three Priests moved into their house at Sabuko, Sanya Juu-Moshi, Tanzania.   From there, Sabuko grew and flourish in getting vocations and the house was slowly taking shape the buildings and the surroundings. The centre was the place of all the activities of the ALCP/OSS at that time:
Now Sabuko is Mother House for the ALCP/OSS  Society, the Africa Provintialate Office and the centre for the first year formation (Sabuko Formation House).

Meeting with the founder in Rauya December 18-20/1979, present were Fr.Thadeus  Mworia  and Fr. Henry Mushi.  A trip to see the House of Formation Sabuko was scheduled on December 21st /1979. The reporting date to Sabuko Formation House was postponed   from January 19th, 1980 to February 19th, 1980 due to the death of the founder.
The pioneers of Sabuko Formation House were: Francis Mallya, Sabas Mallya,  Francis Mwanga, Christopher Manase,   Joseph Nsakubi,  Camilus Temba, Paulinus Marandu,  Emilian Urassa,  John Macha,  Jerome Okama,  Emilian Senguo,  Thomas Kilasara,  Philip Msoma, Nicholas N. Massawe,  Beda Nangela, Charles Camilus  and Augustine Shayo.

Currently the Provincial House is located at Sabuko – Sanya juu, Siha District in Tanzania where the Provincial Office is located in the separate building from formation house. At this building reside the Provincial Superior and his Councils. There is also the hall for seminars and retreat.